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  • Ed Jordan says:

    Seeking Advise and want to book plants for next winter planting. Most are out of stock per you website

  • James Harrington says:

    When will “Wine King” be back in stock?

  • Nancy says:

    Do you know where I can purchase a small quantity (< gallon) of calcium polysulfide also know as lime sulfur? I have 10 vines here in League City, TX which is close to Galveston. Anthracnose is one of my biggest problems. I wanted to try calcium polysulfide this year when I trim my vines in late January.

    • admin says:

      Sorry, that product is only available in Ag sized containers. Usually 2.5 gallon. The best bet would be to buy the standard container and see if another grower might share it with you. It is a violation of federal law to pour the product into an unlabeled container.
      Beware that is an aggressive product that requires understanding the label guidelines and proper PPE.


  • Bob WIckizer says:

    What is the rootstock for your Tempranillo?

    What would be the cost for 250 vines?

    • admin says:

      All of our vines are own-root. We do custom grafting on special orders only with an 18 month delivery date. Depending on the rootstock chosen the container grown grafted vines range in price from $9.89 to $11.75.
      The own root vines are $3.50.


  • Jim Fealy says:

    Do I need to pre-order for 35 Black Spanish Vines in March of 2018?

    • admin says:


      Because of the demand, we highly recommend that you book your order now. Contact the office at 903-769-4616to set it up.


  • Carol says:

    We would like to make an appointment to discuss vines.

  • Dan Boyer says:

    When do your Lenoir vines usually become available?

  • Mike Jackson says:


    I am Mike Jackson,I would like to purchase 1/4″ Polyethylene Dripline – Emitter Spacing : 6″ – Flow Rate : 0.5 GPH – Roll Length : 50′ – Color : Black,in your store/company i would be happy if you can get back to me again with the prices and dimensions you having available in a moment,and also do you take all types of Credit Cards as your payment required?Kindly get back to me here or on phone so that we will work together as one panther. All the best and stay blessed.


    • admin says:


      Your best bet would be to use standard netafim drip line or netafim drip tape. To my knowledge they don’t provide a tighter spacing for the built in emitters closer than 12”. If you absolutely have to have that 6” spacing run 2 lengths down the row alternating the emitter spacing.

      It’s far more cost effective and easier to install. Home Depot and Lowes sells that type of product, we don’t stock it.


  • SteveG says:

    Is “Mrs. Munson” another name for “Munson”, a.k.a. “Jaeger 70”, or is it a different cultivar?

    • admin says:

      Mrs. Munson is one of the “Neosho Hybrids” They are all Lincecumii X Rupestris crosses. Jaeger created some 100 (or so) selections of seedlings produced from both the Post Oak grape (Lincecumi) and the Rupestris grape so there is some subtle deferences between the varieties. We grown both the #70 and Mrs Munson and the foliage, fruit and morphology is definitely different. That having been said, the Mrs. Munson is most likely genetically synonymous with the Jaeger #70 just a different seedling selection.
      We also produce the Muench. The second and only other surviving Neosho Hybrid and, while its foliage is quite like the Mrs Munson, it has a perfect flower.
      Another difference between these three varieties is the fact that the #70 has only modest Pierces tolerance whereas, both the Mrs. Munson and the Muench, appear to be impervious to Pierces.

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