Black Spanish – (Lenoir) Favorite


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A selection of Black Spanish.  Improved flavor and juice chemistry profile.  Suitable for the production of Port wine and dry reds. Interesting black currant and cherry notes, with a distinct wild character. Probably the oldest of the American hybrids, with a history of over 240 years of production in the New World. A hybrid cross between Southern Aestivalis and an unknown Vinifera. Highly vigorous and very disease tolerant.

Color: Black
Primary Use: Wine
USDA Winter Hardiness: Zone 5
Harvest Season: Late Season
Growth Habit: Trailing
Vigor: High
Sugg. Distance Between Vines: 8 – 10 ft.

Disease Issues
Black Rot: Slightly susceptible or sensitive
Downy Mildew: Moderately susceptible or sensitive
Powdery Mildew: Moderately susceptible or sensitive
Botrytis: Slightly susceptible or sensitive

Additional information

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  • admin says:

    We have around 7000 coming out of production in the next three weeks or so. Please check the site for inventory updates. FVN

  • admin says:

    We have 850 Black Spanish Favorite available now.


  • admin says:

    Absolutely. Heat isn’t an issue as long as you can supply irrigation water. You can any of the Vinifera grapes (Cabernet, Chardonnay, Merlot etc) there, or perhaps you might try one of the American Hybrids like the Lomanto.


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